Picking up any Cheerios that have fallen on the floor during breakfast (and, believe me, many Cheerios end up on the floor) with his toes. And then eating them.

I kid you not.


Or Capital Region Cal . . .




OK, lady, you won. You got to use the family restroom at the mall, even though you are one person and I was pushing a toddler in a stroller. Even though the family restroom was put there for the use of — get this — families, it was all yours. I was fine using the regular restroom, awkwardly maneuvering the stroller into the regular stall.

But, here’s the thing: You didn’t need to cut me off in your quest to get to the family restroom before I did. You didn’t need to whack into my stroller. That stuff was a little unnecessary. Maybe you didn’t notice that you resembled a running back, rushing as you were to beat me to the family restroom. But, you did. And it wasn’t just me who thought it. My toddler turned around in his seat to give me a look of utter vexation.

Maybe that was your goal, to vex the baby. I don’t know. I rarely know what goes through minds like yours.

Next time, though? Keep the football moves on the field, OK? Thanks.

I understand that they are better than drugs and all that but, when given by strangers, are they not a little creepy?

Like, for example, today. A woman walked by me in the store and told me how cute Conal is. Then, she started talking to him and to me and I don’t know what she was saying because, before I knew it, she hugged me.

Yup. She HUGGED ME. Just up and hugged me.

And told me I have the best little boy.

Well, no duh. Of course I do. But that’s sorta beside the point.

Did she have to hug me? Couldn’t she have simply smiled and walked on? Isn’t there some sort of personal space rule with strangers?

Let me be clear: I have no problem with hugs. I’m all for hugs. It’s just that stranger hugs are . . . strange.

That’s all. I’ll get over it.

I just don’t know what to say about this. I plan to shield young Conal from the likes of this video, lest he think that high heels and shrunken satin are the way to go.