Here’s the bummer: We’re 3 hours from the beach where Owen spent every single summer day when he was growing up. His mom, one of his sisters and one of his brothers still go to the cabana (that the family has had for 40 years) frequently. But we, because of our distance, rarely get down there. Usually, it is once — maybe twice — a year.

As we were driving home from Long Island last night, Owen said he was a little jealous thinking that his brother was probably headed to the cabana for a relaxing dinner and evening at the beach. I felt bad that we can’t do that, that Owen can’t go to the beach every evening after work the way his dad did, that Conal can’t spend every summer day playing in the sand and riding the waves the way Owen did.


Conal had a superterrificgreatfantasticawesome time at the beach on Saturday. A total blast. He ate sand. He dug in it. Rolled in it. Tossed it in the air. He performed for his cousins — a few up from Virginia and a few of the Long Islanders. He laughed, squealed, chattered non-stop. I looked at him at one point and saw that he couldn’t contain himself — he was having so much fun it was just shooting out of him. I loved watching him have such a great time.

And, actually, we all had a great time. Owen spent some time in the ocean, which he didn’t really get to do in NJ because the water was too cold. He also hung out in a sand hole, while Conal climbed over him — back and forth, forth and back — full of glee the whole time.

We’ll head back to LI for the big wedding at the end of August and, hopefully, we’ll get a day or two in at the beach while we’re there. I’m pretty sure both Conal and Owen would love that.


I feel like we just got home and now we’re turning around to leave again: We’re heading to Long Island tomorrow.

It’s been all chores around here this week: Cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, catching up on emails, finishing a writing assignment, querying editors. I’m actually looking forward to the weekend away. We’ll go to the beach on Saturday and spend some time with family we haven’t seen in ages. It will be all good. Posting, however, will continue to be light.