Take out the batteries

Though I may not post all the time, that in no way represents a lack of action here at Chez Jobber. To the contrary, the Little Jobber is so much action, so much of the time, that I have a hard time keeping up. To be honest, there’s a lot of stuff that goes on that is simply not blog-worthy. But then, there’s also a lot of funny, blog-worthy things that happen that I just sometimes forget by the time I get a free moment at the computer.

So, since Conal is now sleeping the peaceful sleep of a peaceful toddler, I’ll take this opportunity to share two of the day’s highlights with you.

This morning, on our way to the library, Conal not only was car-seat dancing along with Coco Tea, but he was also trying his best to sing along.

I watched him in the rear-view mirror and it was pretty cute. He was proud of himself; singing and shaking his head back and forth, moving his lips to the beat.

He also has a new trick, this Little Jobber. When I put him in his crib for his nap, he goes down with no problem. About 5 minutes later, though, the shaking begins. Yeah. Conal has taken to shaking the side of his crib as hard as he possibly can. And that is pretty hard. It sounds, from where I stand on the first floor, as if the crib is bouncing across the floor in his bedroom.

When I go upstairs and open his door, he immediately stops and drops to the mattress, burying his face in Blue Bear. He doesn’t make a sound. I say, “No more shaking. It’s nap time.” Then I cover him up and leave the room. And that’s it. He doesn’t shake the crib anymore, he just goes to sleep.

Right, it isn’t the most exciting trick in the book. But, I guess his trick does get me up to his room one last time before he heads to sleep. He’s very crafty, that one. Very crafty.


Conal is nothing if not creative. He’s been busy finding new uses for old things all week. As in:

  • The red (plastic) golf club works super well to turn on the ice and/or water dispenser on the refrigerator. And the water that pours out and all over the floor is just plain FUN to splash around in.
  • CDs make fun stand-ins for Frisbees!
  • Dish towels? No, those are hats. Or capes. Or some sort of other accessory best described as App ah ah ah paah!
  • Ride-on firetrucks can double as step stools.
  • So can empty popcorn tins. And stock pots.
  • Empty bottles of tonic make great teethers!

Yeah, the boy is creative. And in other news, he likes to eat crayons. Oh yum, colored wax.

I don’t mind the screaming all that much. It is not that bad. I know that it is, as Mellor states, “primal and necessary.” It is also loud, which is part of the definition of screaming so why, you may ask, am I surprised?

I’m not surprised at all. It’s just — OK, remember this? Yeah, I haven’t forgotten either because it plays over and over. As in: All. Day. Long. Coupled with screams. Screams usually of joy, which makes them cute and sweet and all, but screams nevertheless.

Screams, screams and more screams. It is LOUD over here at Chez L’il Jobber.

During the day, that is. In the evening, that little guy has been known to kick it and just chill. Lucky Daddy.

“Are you ready, Smokey? Let’s go!”

“We’re here to help!”

“We’re here –”

“Are you ready, Smokey? Let’s go!”

“We’re –”

“Are you ready, Smokey? Let’s go!”

“I see a firetruck. A big, red, shiny –”

“Are you ready, Smo –”

“I see a firetruck. A big, red, shiny firetruck. I see a firetruck a coming down the –”

“Are you ready, Smokey? Let’s –”

“Are you –”

“We’re here to help!”

“We’re –”

“We’re here to help!”


You didn’t ask for a transcription of the morning playroom sounds?

Oh. Well, then I really have nothing for you today. My head is all awash in the noises of the Little People fire truck*. Sorry!

* * * * *

*A birthday gift from my MIL that Conal just loves. He loves pressing the buttons that make the Little People “talk” and “sing.” He loves doing this over and over and over and over.