I admit it: I turned on the afternoon coverage because I was feeling some withdrawal symptoms (I know, already, and only 3 days into this thing) and Conal immediately sat down. He could not turn away. He grabbed the remote control from me and sat, quietly, for as long as I let him watch. Which wasn’t long, I promise.

But it was kinda nice.


I am so rooting for that 33 year old Uzbek German gymnast, Oksana. Her story got me. The kid. The leukemia. The age. The whole thing.

I’m all USA for the rest of the Olympics, of course. But how can I not root for ol’ Oksana, with her tear-jerker story? Those things get me every time. So now I just really want her to win. Or at least do well. Go, Oksana! Vault your little heart out!

Oh, so, yeah. The Olympics? I LOVE them. Love, love, love them.