1. Owen, Conal and I live in upstate New York.
  2. We have had two cats.
  3. Mo and Chili. Now we only have Chili.
  4. Mo has chronic kidney failure but seems to get by just fine.
  5. Chili is fat.
  6. And orange.
  7. And way scared of visitors.
  8. Owen has nine siblings.
  9. Four brothers and five sisters.
  10. Eight of them are older than he is.
  11. He’s the tallest, though.
  12. I have three younger siblings and I’m cursed with being the shortest.
  13. I’m old and short.
  14. Now I’m an old mama.
  15. I learned this from my prenatal chart when I was pregnant with Conal.
  16. Advanced maternal age was listed as a “concern.”
  17. I was 36.
  18. Apparently, that is pretty old.
  19. I ran a marathon.
  20. Not when I was pregnant.
  21. About four years ago.
  22. I did well, though. 4:12.
  23. I want to run another one.
  24. Right now, I just run around my hilly neighborhood.
  25. And enter races, now and then.
  26. I also do a little freelance writing and editing.
  27. And I volunteer.
  28. With a women’s group.
  29. Women are funny.
  30. Not funny ha-ha, really. Well, some are. But, that’s not what I mean.
  31. Hmmm…
  32. I loved the book Possession by A.S. Byatt.
  33. She’s one of my favorite authors.
  34. Others are: Raymond Carver, Michael Chabon, Edith Wharton, Henry James, Nick Hornby and Mary Gaitskill.
  35. I like others but can’t think of them right now.
  36. I love french fries.
  37. And Craisins.
  38. And when Conal takes a long nap in the afternoon.
  39. Unlike today.
  40. Huh.
  41. Owen and I used to take wonderful vacations before we became parents.
  42. We went to Aruba, Jamaica, Mexico, Bermuda…
  43. Now we go on vacation with four or five other families. All of us packed into a beach house.
  44. It’s noisy, but fun.
  45. I’d like to be able to run a marathon in under four hours.
  46. I should have put that next to my earlier marathon comment.
  47. But, I didn’t think of it then.
  48. I met Owen at a Yankees game in 1997.
  49. We’re both big Yankees fans – did I already say our cat is was named after Mariano Rivera?
  50. Mo, that is. Not Chili.
  51. He’s named after Chili Davis.
  52. You know, we just liked him.
  53. We had to find a better name than Peanut Butter and Fluff, which is the name Chili had been given.
  54. Mmmm…I ate several peanut butter and fluff sandwiches when I was pregnant.
  55. Haven’t had any since.
  56. I love jellybeans, especially Starburst jellybeans.
  57. I ate a lot of those when I was pregnant, too.
  58. And cheese.
  59. Conal and I go to the library a lot.
  60. Since I stay home with him, I try to take him out to playgroups often.
  61. I don’t want him to get bored just hanging out with me all day.
  62. Well, he hangs with the cats, too. But they don’t say much and they spend a lot of time sleeping.
  63. I was really, really bummed when Arrested Development was canceled.
  64. I’ll be even more bummed if Friday Night Lights is canceled.
  65. WEXT 97.7 is an excellent radio station. I highly recommend checking it out.
  66. Here is some information about cloth diapers.
  67. Yes, I use cloth diapers for Conal and I have been very happy with them.
  68. Except at night. He’s a heavy wetter and the cloth diapers haven’t been great for overnights. So, I use disposables at night. And I feel crummy about it. But that’s OK.
  69. Let’s see . . . when I was in kindergarten, I failed (or whatever the equivalent of failing is in kindergarten) skipping.
  70. That was really just foreshadowing for all the great lack-of-coordination that was to come.
  71. Like, for example, 10th grade, when my gym teacher asked me where my glasses were (I didn’t wear glasses) because I was such a lousy tennis player.
  72. Or freshman year in college when I sprained my ankle just walking up the stairs.
  73. I’m better coordinated, now.
  74. Green is my favorite color.
  75. I’ve traveled to a few countries: England, Ireland, France, Spain, Canada, Aruba, Mexico, Jamaica, Bermuda.
  76. Owen asked me to marry him when we were vacationing in Ireland. We were here, when he asked.
  77. I said yes.
  78. We were married in 1999. And we partied like the year it was.
  79. We were living in NYC at the time.
  80. I worked in publishing and he worked for Big Tobacco.
  81. Then we moved upstate, in 2000.
  82. At our first apartment, the drunk guy who lived downstairs from us hid his vodka in the bushes. He was a teacher.
  83. I try to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible.
  84. We use mostly CFL bulbs in our house.
  85. When I was little, my parents had chickens.
  86. They creeped me out so much (the chickens, that is).
  87. My parents also had a big garden. Huge.
  88. And why not? They live in the middle of 15 acres of land.
  89. I’d love to have a big garden now. But the deer pretty much rule the twilight out here in the ‘burbs. They eat everything.
  90. So, we‘re joining tried to join a CSA (we were too late).
  91. And shopping here and here.
  92. We just moved to this house in November (’07) after living in Albany since 2002.
  93. I’m a sucker for late 80s and early 90s music.
  94. I’m also a sucker for silly cat web sites and photos, and those commercials where the babies talk. Or the cats talk. Or the cats and the babies hang out and talk. About cat and baby things.
  95. I like a good impersonation.
  96. When I was little, I used to impersonate Howard Cosell and Andy Capp. I really got into dropping my “h”s for Andy’s accent.
  97. My signature cookie: Oatmeal with dried cranberries and chocolate chips.
  98. My favorite pizza: Pepperoni and mushroom.
  99. My favorite cocktail: Vodka and tonic with lime.
  100. Do you want to email me? Go right ahead! My address is: felicepd AT yahoo DOT com. Thank you.

8 Responses to “100 Things”

  1. Jen F. Says:

    Hmmm… our cat’s name is chili also… after the chili pepper because David likes spicy food (we don’t have it much anymore now that we have kids). David also just make oatmeal choc. chip cookies… yummy! We also have the same favorite drink-vodka tonic although I put roses’ lime juice in mine. We’ll have to have them together sometime.

  2. felicepd Says:

    Jen — TOO FUNNY!

    I’m not against a v&t with roses lime juice. Those are good, too. I just love the lime!

  3. Joy Says:

    here’s a silly cat website for ya, watch out, it’s addicting.


  4. felicepd Says:

    GAH! TOTALLY addicting!

  5. Adrienne Says:

    got to your blog by way of blognosh.
    just have to say, #69 – “failing” skipping – the same thing happened to me! they were “testing” us in the gym, one by one, and i wanted to do something different and galloped instead. i was sent home with a note about having problems taking direction . . .

  6. Hi Felice,

    I’m Julie, the editor of “Mamapedia Voices”, and we feature guest bloggers on Mamapedia, a site for Moms all across the country. I’ve just found your blog, and would like to invite you write a piece which could be featured on our site.

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    Thank you, and I look forward to reading more of your work!

    Best wishes,
    Julie D’Agostino
    Editor, Mamapedia Voices

  7. georgia Says:

    Just ran into your blogs. I run also and don’t have a child but will (hopefully) some day be an “old” mama according to “them”. I also plan to use cloth diapers… Just letting you know I’ll be blalking (blog stalking?) your running blog for a while!

    I need some inspiration for my first half this Feb…

    Keep blogging!

  8. Lorian Says:

    Oh yes, the infamous AMA reference. I had to deliver my medical records during my third pregnancy about a year ago. I figured I would just “review” them a bit to see what they contained. I saw AMA scattered throughout. At first, I didn’t understand, then it hit me! But I was 39, you were only 36! Amazing! I had him 2 weeks before my 40th…and he’s as healthy as can be 🙂

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