February 2010

Owen took Conal to see RPI’s second-to-last regular season home game. The last game of a fun season for Conal. He’s enjoyed going to the games and has even worked up from calling the team “Arppy Pie” to being able to clearly say R-P-I.

Conal and Owen before the game.

Conal and Puckman.

Awaiting a high-5.

The highlight of the night: High-5s from the players!

Until next season!


Back-to-(almost)-back birthday parties. A river walk. The “Elmo show.” A trip to Grandma’s house.  This little jobber has the life!

First up, Nora’s party, where Conal went crazy with the scarves:

And enjoyed some cake:

Before hitting the zip-line:

Two days later, it was Maddie’s party at Chuck E. Cheese’s and Conal loved it. Especially all of the ball games:

Then it was a trip to the river:

Followed a few days later by Sesame Street Live or, as Conal refers to it, the Elmo show. He waited patiently to get in:

And then waited patiently for the show to start:

Once it did, the boy was mesmerized. Absolutely mesmerized:

That evening, we headed south to Long Island. After lots of fun with his cousins, Conal was all set to come home on Sunday. Apparently, the ride home called for being fully wrapped in his favorite blankets:

Ah, the whirlwind life of a toddler!