November 2009

It’s hockey season and that means that Conal is in full-on fan mode. He’s already been to some RPI hockey games, he’s all geared up with his Uncle Jer’s old jersey, and he’s now sporting Henrik hair.

Henrik hair? What’s Henrik hair, you may ask. Why, it’s hair in the style of Henrik (as in, Lundqvist, NY Rangers goalie), of course. A true fan, this little jobber. A true fan.

And now, some recent hockey-palooza pics!

With Ethan at an RPI game.

Wearing his “new” jersey.

Gearing up for a game.

With Pop-pop at an RPI game.


I’ve been a lousy blogger, just failing to blog about all the things going on. Maybe it’s a sign that a lot has been happening? Yeah, let’s go with that.

So, we had Halloween:

It may appear that Conal went dressed as a dog but, no. He dressed as Kipper. Kipper that droll little British pup, who Conal happens to love. He even wore a “Kipper nose” drawn with eyeliner by yours truly.

We had a great time on Halloween. First, we stopped at Jer & Darci’s house and then we went trick-or-treating in the Graber’s neighborhood. It was a big crowd and that helped Conal get into the spirit. After we finished grubbing for candy, we headed to the Cooney’s house for dinner. The kids ran around and had a blast. It was lots of fun!

I’ll try to catch up on some of what else has been going on in the next few days. Provided Conal cooperates and takes his naps!