October 2009

As soon as one mark begins to fade, another takes its place. Bruises. Gashes. Scrapes. They all find their way to Conal’s head. And, usually, they land in prominent spots on his forehead.

He fell at Jer and Darci’s house on Saturday and it was one of his worst falls ever. I thought that last horrible bang-up was his worst ever. I was wrong. This one topped it. And, unfortunately, I imagine that there will be others that will top even this one.

The short story: He ran. He fell. He smacked his head on the corner of the wall. He cried out. I picked him up. He cried out so hard that he stopped breathing and turned blue. His head swelled. He started breathing. He calmed down. Aunt Darci took him to look for cats. He was all better.

But the gash remains.

Take a look — it’s a beauty . . .




Some kids have imaginary friends. Conal has imaginary sea lions. He pushes them in the stroller. Feeds them treats that he picks from the cherry tree. He tells me that they are putting balls on their noses. He also names them. Today, one of his sea lions was named A-Rod.

Well, there you go. A-Rod the sea lion.Who knows what the sea lions will be called tomorrow? Melky? Derek? I guess we’ll wait and see what strikes his fancy.

The boy looooooves his apples!

October 2008:


October 2009:

10-6-09 022

Conal is a boy who likes to jump. Jump, jump, jump!

Sometimes, Conal likes to jump on his mom and dad’s bed. They’ve always let him do it, even though it has seemed a little dangerous, because he loves it.

One day, Conal jumped and jumped and jumped on his parent’s bed and landed — SMACK! — head-first on the sharp wooden headboard. He screamed. He cried. He held his breath until he turned blue!

His parents were very worried. What should they do? His father ran to the kitchen to get a cold pack for his head. His mother held him and tried to make him feel better.

Soon enough, their efforts worked. Conal was better, with only a big, nasty bruise to mark the injury.


Conal’s mother wanted an end to the jumping. “No more jumping,” she said. “It’s too dangerous.” But Conal still wanted to jump. Jump, jump, jump. The day after he hurt his head, he was back to jumping on the bed, the coffee table, the stairs — all around the house! When his mother reminded him that sometimes little boys get hurt from reckless jumping, Conal became sad.


He didn’t want to think that he could be hurt doing something so fun. And jumping is lots of fun! But, he also didn’t want to get hurt. Conal wondered what to do.


His mother had an idea. She decided to guide him to safer jumping spots, like the floor and the couch, instead of the bed and the stairs. “Jump all you’d like on the couch and this pile of pillows!” she told Conal.

“Hooray!” he thought, and got ready to jump.


Conal is a boy who likes to jump. Jump, jump, jump!