September 2009

Today, we were supposed to go to a corn maze. I told Conal all about it and happened to mention that he might be able to have a donut after going through the maze. They sell them there — the warm, yummy cider donuts. I also told him that he’d see his friends, Nora, Leah and Dylan.

Well, things happened and a scheduling snafu made it so we couldn’t go. I felt bad and decided to take Conal to the library so he could pick out books and play with the train. As we were getting ready, he kept asking if we were going to Leah’s house. He was very excited. “No,” I told him. “We’re going to the library.”

And then he asked about the donuts.

“Donuts for Conal?” he asked, giving me those eyes.

“We’ll see,” I said. And then mentioned that we really needed to get shoes on if we were going to the library.

We made it to the library and as he was climbing out of the car he said, “Donuts now?”

I put him off. “We’ll see. If you’re good,” I said. We went inside and picked out books. He played with the train set. I watched him share the trains with another little boy who was much older. When it was time to leave he said, “Donuts for Conal!!!” and practically ran out of the library.

To a two-year-old, “We’ll see” apparently means “Yes.” So what choice did I have? I had to get a donut for the little jobber.

On the way to get the donut, he sat in the car waiting with patience and excitement. When he got out of the car we held hands and he asked again, “Donuts for Conal?” and looked up at me with those eyes. Again. “Yes,” I said. “We’re going to get a donut.”

Still holding my hand, he started jumping up and down. “Lucky boy!” he said. “Lucky boy! Conal! Lucky boy!”

Yes, a very lucky boy. And a happy one at that.


Apparently, Conal didn’t go for his lunch today. So this is what he left behind*:


Yes, I gave him the heel of the loaf. But there were only two pieces left, so he got what he got. And I got some modern art.

* He ended up eating the rest of the sandwich when he declared that he was hungry before going up for his nap. Stall tactic? Perhaps, but he probably was hungry — two bites doesn’t usually fill his belly!

It’s true that I “stay at home” with Conal, but it seems that we don’t do all that much staying at home. I like to make sure that he has plenty of time with other kids so I belong to two moms groups through which we’ve both made some great friends. We usually have a playdate or two each week through those groups, which is nice (this week we went to the Saratoga Children’s Museum). And, of course, we have the twice a week speech sessions with Miss Lynn, who Conal has tons of fun with.

But sometimes a kid needs more. So, to satisfy my little athlete, I’ve signed him up for gymnastics class. The session started on Monday and it was terrific! Conal loved it. He walked on the balance beams, jumped on the trampoline, hung and swung on the high bars and parallel bars, crawled through the tunnel, jumped on the stars and somersaulted his way across the mats.

To balance out the athletics, I also signed him up for a science class on Wednesdays at CMOST. The first class was all about bubbles and next week he’ll explore colors.

What fun for a two-year-old!

And what tiring days for a mom. TGIF!

Sometimes Conal can get pretty goofy. Like at breakfast the other day, when he turned into Mr. Funny Faces:




He’s a ham. A two-year-old ham.

Conal does a great job counting to 13 except for one thing: He skips four. Almost every time.

I’ve asked him, “What happened to four? You forgot four.”

He responds, “Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. THIRTEEN! YAY!” And then he claps and smiles. But no four. Four is out of the picture. What does the little jobber have against four?

Who knows? He just doesn’t go for it. But, he loves thirteen.