July 2009

Some days Conal just has no interest in smiling for photo ops. He may be having a great time, but he gets in serious mode and you just can’t get the kid to smile.

That was the case when he went to the Valleycats game with Owen, my dad and Claire earlier this week. Serious. He was totally serious.



He came home all smiles and filled with excitement over being at the game with his peeps, but you wouldn’t know it from his expression! The kid is a little Mr. Serious.


Someone must have taught the Little Jobber some MJ moves when I wasn’t looking because he’s all about the Thriller zombies these days:


Unfortunately, I couldn’t catch more of his moves because I’m a little slow with the camera. But, he was walking around on tippy toes with his arms in zombie position all afternoon. Post-nap, that is. Maybe he dreamt of zombies?

Only the Little Jobber knows where this zombie act came from and, unfrotunately for us, he’s not likely to tell.

Bruce and Owen took the boys to a Valleycats game last weekend. The first of the season!


Bruce and Ethan


Owen and a shy Conal, wearing his new Valleycats hat.

It’s too bad that the ‘Cats didn’t play a little better for the guys. But, that just means they’ll have to go back and cheer the ‘Cats on to a win later this season!

Since Conal hasn’t been the most talkative child, I haven’t paid the closest attention to what I say around him. As I learned earlier today, I should.

I had to change his diaper this afternoon and I wasn’t expecting it to be so . . . full. As I opened the diaper, I said a surprised little, “Oh, jeez, Conal!”

And it was repeated right back to me. Over and over. And then it was changed up: “Oh, jeez, Mama!” Over and over. Then back to the original.

Yes, lesson learned: I’ll be watching what I say from now on.

A scratch across the forehead from an errant fingernail sometime during the night.

A bump under the eye from a truck that had been held overhead, and then dropped.

A goose egg right above the nose from tripping and then landing — forehead first — on the hardwood stairs.

A bruise on the leg from . . . something.

A hurt finger that avoided becoming an injury with a quick kiss from Mom.

Just another day in the life of a two-year-old.

Conal likes to line things up: his books, his trucks, his bowling pins. Now, his new favorite thing to do is line up all his letters on the refrigerator:



He gets a little bummed when he runs out of room but can usually be distracted by some of his other favorite things to do. Like “helping” me in the kitchen:


Yep, Conal’s quite a fan of helping out in the kitchen. Especially when helping involves licking the beaters!