Conal likes to point out the obvious. When he sees a girl, he points and says, “Girl!” Same with horses, ducks, dogs, cats, me, Owen, Aunt Claire, etc., etc.

Most recently, though, he taken to pointing out men. And it’s cute, except when we’re at, let’s say, the grocery store and he’s pointing out every man he sees. Even the scary I’m-so-mean-I-don’t-even-glance-at-cute-kids men and the equally scary Goth teens-that-look-like-men-only-to-a-toddler.

And, yeah, it gets a little less cute when he has to point at the same man over and over and over while repeating, “Man!” over and over and over until I acknowledge that, yes, indeed, that man is a man.

Then, it just gets a little embarrassing and I find myself saying, “Yup. That’s a man!” and smiling, sheepishly, at those men who happen to look our way. Most of them smile, too. Except for the scary ones.