Conal tends to be really loud at the library. He loves going there so he gets a little excited and ends up screeching. Not exactly what the patrons want to hear.

The last time we went to the library, I stopped him before we walked in and explained that he needs to be quiet in the library and that if he has to talk, he should whisper. I told him that if he got too loud, I would tell him to quiet down by saying, “Shhh” and tapping my finger to my lips. I demonstrated and Conal repeated it and off we went.

He really took to the “Shhh.”

He shushed the ladies at the circulation desk, the woman at the reference desk and the guy who was just minding his own business, reading a magazine by the periodicals. He shushed pretty much everyone he saw. And he did it as loudly as he could. While attempting to run away from me.

But he didn’t screech. So, I’m counting this one as a win.