Conal has become a copycat.

Maddie was here this morning and whatever she did, Conal had to do, too.

If Maddie went in the ball pit, Conal had to go in the ball pit. If Maddie asked for Cheerios, Conal asked for Cheerios. If Maddie picked up a golf club, Conal picked up a golf club. If Maddie asked for her blanket, Conal asked for his blanket. If Maddie sat down, Conal had to sit down. If Maddie started up the stairs, Conal followed.

You get the picture.

He was very cute doing it, too. He would watch Maddie do whatever she was doing, and then he’d make the decision to do it, too. It was almost as if I could see a “Yes, that seems like a very good idea!” look pass over his face.

Copycat Conal.