March 2009

On Wednesday, the Harvard women’s lacrosse team (niece Delia’s team) had a game at UAlbany so Mom Devine took the train up from Long Island and Mara flew up from Baltimore. We had a blast! It was a sunny, chilly day, but Conal didn’t seem to mind. He had fun watching the girls:


and crawling around the stands:


Unfortunately, Harvard lost but we all rooted hard for Delia and her teammates!

After the game, we hung out for the tailgate party and Conal had fun rolling down the hill and making Delia chase him all around. We were a little worried that the coach would make the girls go straight to the bus after the loss but, fortunately, she didn’t. It was terrific that Conal got to spend some time with his cousin!



Owen and Conal moved the gardening inside this weekend, planting tomato seeds.





As you can see, Conal was very serious about the whole venture. Now that the seeds are planted and getting ready to do their thing, he takes every opportunity to let me know that he planted them and that he and Daddy will later plant them in the garden. He’s proud. It’s cute.

Actually . . . I wouldn’t categorize our recent bathtime routine as beautiful. But, compared to the tough times about two weeks ago, it’s terrific.

Conal is bathing again. He refused for a bit earlier this month so we worked on making bathtime Really! Fun! And! Not! A! Big! Deal!

It worked. He’s bathing again. Granted, he won’t sit in the bath but he does stand. And squat down. And he allows me to lather him up without crying. So, yeah, progress.


Hope everyone has a great day!

Monday: Conal lunged face-first into the couch, landing on his mouth. His bottom front teeth ripped up his bottom lip. Blood gushed out of his mouth. He was like a little toddler fountain of blood.

Tuesday: Conal found a wire hanger and thought it would be fun to walk around the house with the hook part in his mouth. When I noticed this and told him to take it out of his mouth, he did. But he dragged the hook across the inside of his cheek as he did so, cutting his cheek. Blood trickled out the side of his mouth.

Today: No blood! Sure, the day is not over yet but the bloody events of the last two days occurred before lunch so I’m feeling pretty optimistic.

Owen and Conal were busy building the garden this weekend. It was perfect weather for a big project, and Conal loved being outside, helping his dad. And, of course, making sure that his work clothes were covered in dirt!






I guess toddlers aren’t necessarily supposed to make sense, yet I still try to understand the Little Jobber’s nonsensical actions. And nonsensical they are!

To wit: The Little Jobber hates having messy hands and requires that they are wiped clean as soon as they are soiled by crumbs, ink, mud, snow, water, butter or any other ickiness. But he does not mind having a messy bottom. In fact, he hates having his diaper changed.

Until last week, he loved taking a bath. He now refuses. Folds himself up origami-style to avoid any contact whatsoever with the bath and bathwater.

He loves broccoli and peas but won’t eat burgers or fries. (How un-American, I know!)

He doesn’t make sense. Not at all.