Let’s say the cable guy comes to your house one afternoon. Maybe around 12:30, just after you’ve put your toddler down for a nap. All doesn’t go well so the guy ends up working on the cable problem much long than expected. By 3, your toddler is awake and the cable guy is still in your house.

Finally, the guy finishes up, telling you that the channel-specific problem is still a problem but one that someone else will have to correct. And then he leaves.

You and your toddler settle in to the playroom to put some puzzles together when the cable guy returns. He has more work to do. As he does, you get a whiff of your toddler and determine that a very smelly diaper needs to be changed. You tell the cable guy that you have to go upstairs to change the diaper and you do.

Your toddler, of course, wants nothing to do with having his diaper changed. Unfortunately, it can’t wait, as you quickly learn when you notice that not only is the diaper very smelly but it has leaked. All over your toddlers pants. And up his belly on to his shirt.

At this point, your restless toddler starts to squirm. Since all of his clothes are now dirty, you need to take them off. Not an east feat when you are dealing with a squirmer and you are self-conscious about his crying with the cable guy downstairs.

You get serious. Your toddler fights you. The wipes prove to be no match for the mess. The situation calls for a complete strip-down and bath. Again, your toddler fights you. As you struggle to get your toddler’s shirt off without getting any of the mess on the floor or your clothes, the cable guy begins to call for you. You hold your half-naked toddler at arms’ length and answer him. He tells you you’re all set and then starts to explain something or other but then he looks up to see that you are, indeed, holding a half-naked toddler and so he says he’ll just be going.

He leaves. You hustle your toddler into the bath. He screams. You want to, but don’t.

In the end, what should have been a 3 minute diaper change turns into a 15 minute episode. And a very, very bad idea.