I am a mommy, not a daddy. This is clearly an issue.

Not all the time, just on the weekend and, most recently, in the morning. Conal would like nothing to do with me in the morning. If he wakes up after Owen has already left work, and I go in his room to get him out of his crib, he goes bonkers. He sees me, a look of shock (Shock! As if his mom would be the last person that should ever enter his room!) comes over his face, and he twists around to see if anyone else is with me. I can tell exactly what he’s thinking: “Please let Daddy be behind her. Please!”

When he sees that I’m the only one there, he flails himself back on his mattress, arching his back and fake crying. It makes me feel just wonderful. Why, good morning to you, too, Conal! Yes, indeed.

It doesn’t last. I can usually distract him with promises of Chili waiting downstairs to see him, but still. What little guy doesn’t like seeing his mom in the morning? This one, apparently.

Remember that problem we were having with the separation anxiety? Guess we’re over that!