Friday night was Jeremiah and Darci’s rehearsal dinner and for Conal that meant party time! Or, I should say, crazy time. He was a wild man: running around, laughing, getting people to pick him up and hang him upside down.

He really had a great time with all of his peeps. He also had fun rolling around on the floor:



But his favorite part of the night was dessert. Sure, he ate several servings of eggplant rollatini and lots of tortellini. Some kids might have been full after all the food he ate. Not this Little Jobber. Oh, no. He saved room in that belly of his for dessert. And good thing, too, because he absolutely loved it.


He’d never had chocolate mousse before, and he quickly decided that he couldn’t get enough. He finished his dish of mousse and then grabbed mine. At some point, he gave up the spoon and started using his fingers to get as much of the mousse out of the dishes as possible.


Then he gave up using his fingers and went right in with the mouth.


Lovely, I know. The kid just couldn’t get enough.