I say this now. Tomorrow when the crumbs have reappeared, I may think differently.

But, today. Well, today, I plan to never vacuum again when the Little Jobber is around. He can’t take it. Sure, he loves it. Yes, he wants to help. Wants to use his own vacuum* so we can do double the cleaning. He’s all smiles and laughter when we’re vacuuming.

All good things, however, must come to an end. And that’s when they go bad.

Conal flips out when we’re done vacuuming. Flips. Out. He absolutely cannot handle it when I decide we are done and it is time to put the vacuum back in the closet. He tries to stop me. Grabs the vacuum. Cries. Flails himself on the floor. The whole shebang. It is not pretty.

So, we’re done. If you come over to our house and the floors are covered in crumbs, now you’ll know why.

* The upholstery attachment.