Conal is nothing if not creative. He’s been busy finding new uses for old things all week. As in:

  • The red (plastic) golf club works super well to turn on the ice and/or water dispenser on the refrigerator. And the water that pours out and all over the floor is just plain FUN to splash around in.
  • CDs make fun stand-ins for Frisbees!
  • Dish towels? No, those are hats. Or capes. Or some sort of other accessory best described as App ah ah ah paah!
  • Ride-on firetrucks can double as step stools.
  • So can empty popcorn tins. And stock pots.
  • Empty bottles of tonic make great teethers!

Yeah, the boy is creative. And in other news, he likes to eat crayons. Oh yum, colored wax.