A toothbrush maniac, to be specific.

A little background. Conal likes to “brush” his teeth when I brush mine. So, I gave him a toothbrush that he happily chews on while I brush my teeth, or wash my face, or dry my hair. It keeps him occupied and who am I to stop him from wanting to practice good oral hygiene?

But as this post title would imply, the teeth “brushing” is not so innocent. Occasionally, he grabs my toothbrush and chomps away. Somewhat maniacally. I take it away from him, no harm done.

Except that last night I noticed the bristles were sorely frayed. I showed Owen and we laughed about Conal’s love of toothbrushes. Ha, ha, ha! Then I pulled a spare toothbrush from the vanity drawer.

It was still in the package but that meant nothing. Unbeknown to me, Maniac Conal had gotten to it and chomped on the toothbrush through the plastic packaging. The bristles were already starting to fray. An unopened toothbrush, frayed.

Yup, he’s a maniac.