We’re done with the worst of the illness. But not done with the runny nose.

We’re working on not eating erasers. But not meeting with a whole lot of success.

We’re saying some words. But not very clearly.

We’re struggling with nap time. But getting the nap in.

We’re done with Baby Bookworms. But we have some playdates scheduled to take its place.

We’re still infatuated with the paper recycling basket. But not interested in putting papers in the basket.

We’re in love with lentils. But still won’t eat chicken.

We want to play on the computer all the time. But we’re satisfied with typing on an old keyboard for now.

We’re really into dancing these days. But we’d rather climb on the back on the sofa.

We run away when we’re called. But we give unsolicited hugs and kisses.

We’re a handful these days. But sweeter and more fun than ever.