Monday. Lots of messy, oozy diapers. Worry: Is he sick? Is he teething? Grocery shopping. Post office. Laundry. Work. Ambitious dinner: Delicious tsatziki, not so great falafel.

Tuesday. More icky diapers. No fever. Diagnosis: Teething. Playdate. More laundry. Terrific run in the evening. Not-so-ambitious dinner: Farfalle with ham, capers, peas, scallions and fresh mozzarella.

Wednesday. Still more icky diapers. Wish: To be done with teething. Baby Bookworms. Errands. Sucky run in the afternoon. Volleyball game. Injury: Aunt Claire. Severely un-ambitious dinner: Subs.

Today. Unknown. Schedule: Playdate. Prepping for weekend guests.

I figured you were wondering. And if you weren’t, now you won’t have to.