Here it is Monday and you are probably thinking, “I wonder what’s happening over at el casa del Jobber Pequeno?”

Well, what’s happening is not a Spanish class — that has been put on hold until the next Hola La session.

What is happening is a great new game! A fun game! A game that all (still diapered) kids can play! It doesn’t yet have a name but the rules are simple.

The game takes place while getting dressed in the morning and there are two players: The Toddler and The Mom. If you are The Toddler, your job is to strike as soon as your diaper has been changed: You rip off your diaper as quickly as possible and then run around naked. Your goal is to stay naked. You can use any means necessary, i.e., acting cute, wiggling about, making your opponent laugh, etc. There are really no limits.

If you are The Mom in this game, your job is to corral The Toddler, re-diaper him and get him into proper clothes. Again, as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, you have limited means at your disposal, since your hands will be occupied with diapering and dressing.

Although The Mom usually prevails in re-diapering and clothing The Toddler, it is not always clear who actually wins the game. Some would say that it is The Toddler, since The Mom is often reduced to an exhausted lump at the end of the game while The Toddler still has energy to burn.

Winner or loser, it doesn’t matter to Conal. He loves the game. Thinks it’s a blast. Wants to play it All The Time.