I am officially recalling all complaints from earlier this week. I have the best child in the world.

It was one of those days today — I woke with a debilitating headache at 5am. I couldn’t shake it. Conal, however, woke at 8, happier than he’s been all week. And he kept it going. He stuffed his face with blueberries, breaking only to charm me with his tipped-head smile. Then he started making a fort out of the couch, laughing and rolling around and laughing some more.

He spent the morning laughing and smiling and playing alone. He peacefully went down for his nap at 10 and I snuck in a nap, too. Sleeping from 10:30-11 was all I needed to break free of the pain, but Conal kept the peace for a half hour longer, allowing me to make the bed and get myself together.

Now, he’s searching for treasures (read: crumbs) on the carpet, breaking occasionally to charm me again with his happy time smile.

I love this kid.