OK, OK, I know. I haven’t been posting*. Give a mama a break, huh?

I just haven’t had much to say. Sure, there’s been a little cereal** stomping going on:

And a little bit of tough-boy attitude:

But other than that? Not much. Of interest, that is. I could bore you with tales of how I’ve been revising a newsletter, icing my sore hamstring and making Provencal potato salad. But, really, do you want to hear about that? No, neither do I.

And, so, a dearth of posts.

* * * * *

*No, Chet. I’m not sick. But thanks for asking.

* * * * *

**Yes. It is sugar cereal. Lucky Charms, in fact. But, I mix it with All Bran so it becomes Lucky Bran. And I don’t give it to Conal. So, no worries, peeps.