I understand that they are better than drugs and all that but, when given by strangers, are they not a little creepy?

Like, for example, today. A woman walked by me in the store and told me how cute Conal is. Then, she started talking to him and to me and I don’t know what she was saying because, before I knew it, she hugged me.

Yup. She HUGGED ME. Just up and hugged me.

And told me I have the best little boy.

Well, no duh. Of course I do. But that’s sorta beside the point.

Did she have to hug me? Couldn’t she have simply smiled and walked on? Isn’t there some sort of personal space rule with strangers?

Let me be clear: I have no problem with hugs. I’m all for hugs. It’s just that stranger hugs are . . . strange.

That’s all. I’ll get over it.