Our plan called for a Saturday morning playdate at a local park. Joy and I were going to let our little guys have some fun at the playground and then take them for a walk.

The weather, however, mocked our plans.

As the rain poured down, we came up with Plan B: to meet at the State Museum, walk around and take the boys for a ride on the carousel.

The museum, seeing how much fun the weather just had, mocked our plans.

There was a power surge and as we were getting on the elevator to go to the carousel, we were evacuated.

By then, the rain had stopped so we trucked it up to the plaza, walked around and then made our way over to the “petting zoo*” that had been set up west of the museum. Sean was into the goats, Conal not so much:

Sean and Conal haven’t quite reached the playing together stage, so it was mostly a morning of being near the other. But, that’s cool. Just hanging together is fun for the little cousins. They didn’t even seem to notice all the mocking — way to go, flexible mamas!

*Two goats, a lamb and two ponies count as a petting zoo, right?