Today, as I was getting ready to head out for dinner at a friend’s house, I decided that I wanted to wear earrings. Namely, my hoops, which I wear pretty much all the time. I went to the tray on my dresser where I usually put my earrings, but they weren’t there. I looked all around the dresser, picking up my charm bracelet and shaking it in case the earrings had somehow gotten attached to it.

I went in to the bathroom and looked around the vanity. No earrings.

Oh, well, I thought. I would go with naked ears.

Only, I didn’t. At one point during the evening, I had an itch on my ear and I scratched it and noticed that, huh, I was wearing my earrings.

Yeah…the whole time that I was looking for the earrings, they were IN MY EARS.