I’ve been terrible at clipping Conal’s nails since Day One.

When he was an infant, I used a soft emery board to file them and that worked fairly well. I could file while feeding him and since his nails were so thin each one would only take a stroke or two to get in shape.

As he got older, the task became harder. He would squirm. Pull his arm away. Whine. Cry. Fight with vigor. And I became weaker and tried to ignore the nails. Pretended that they weren’t really growing.

Of course, that didn’t work. So, I would snip a nail here and there and feel guilty whenever I noticed the long nails. Guilty, that is, until tonight. Tonight, I sat Conal on my lap and I clipped those nails through the squirms, the whining, the crying and the vigorous fighting. I did not give in. I won.

Small victories, with a toddler. Small victories.

* * * * *

And now for a bummer. I just found out that a friend’s daughter may have to have surgery for the second time in her short 13-month life. So, I’ll ask you all to send some positive vibes to the Princess, with hopes that everything turns out well!