It’s a real turkey.

This funny looking guy (gal?) hangs out in our back yard. I don’t exactly know where it lives but I know it spends a lot of time under the tree where we’ve hung several bird feeders.

Thanks to the wise Internet, I learned that, unlike their domestic counterparts, wild turkeys can fly. And, they have excellent hearing, but they don’t have ears. Don’t ask me how they hear without ears. The Internet did not share that information. Maybe you can look it up on your own, and report back. Thank you.

Completely unrelated, I also learned that if you design a house and make the layout really weird and sort of creepy, it doesn’t matter how large the house is, it probably isn’t going to sell. I guess because people don’t want to be creeped out in their own homes. Just a guess. I didn’t learn this from the wise Internet, but from the open house we went to today, just because we were curious.

So, a day of learning all around!