The little jobber doesn’t really talk, yet. He says what I believe is “out,” “down,” “done,” and “dada.” But that’s about it.

Other kids, however, are chatterers and seem to have lots to say. We’ve seen a few of them at our playdates this week:

  • One little boy, about 3 years old, at the library train set, said to Conal, “No, baby! I no want you here!”
  • Another little boy, maybe around 4, at the puppet show booth, said to his mother, “These puppets are dead. Dead. I can’t use them.”
  • Yet another little boy (we’ve been around a lot of boys this week!), almost 4, at his house after I asked him about his abacus, said to me, “I use this with Daddy. Not with ladies.”

And with that, I leave you with this pic from Janis, of Conal and Ava playing on her deck: