Conal had his MMR and chicken pox vaccination last week. I struggled over what to do for ages: Should I ask to split up the shots? Hold off until he’s older? I wasn’t sure. I did a lot of research, talked to our pediatrician, talked to friends. In the end, I decided I would go ahead with the MMR and chicken pox, but ask to hold off on the Hib until another time (it was scheduled to be done at the same appt.).

Turns out I didn’t have to ask, because there is a Hib vaccine shortage (who knew?) right now and all 12-month vaccinations are on hold. So, some relief there.

And more relief when Conal sailed through the day after the shots with no apparent side effects.

Now, though, I’ve become a little nervous/anxious/paranoid. Call me Nervous Nellie. Anxious Annie. Paranoid Pattie. I answer to them all.

See, Conal is cranky. Not just regular cranky but cranky that results in a lot of screaming. And Conal is not a screamer. Never has been. He’s also been tugging on his feet a lot, which is just odd. And he’s been waking up later in the morning.

So, the Nervous Nellie part of me is convinced that all of this is a bad reaction to the vaccination, portending the dreadful storm cloud of doom that is sure to settle over my home and whip into a tornado, formed for the sole purpose of sucking up Conal’s sunny disposition and leaving behind a boy of an altogether different sort.

The Rational Rita part of me pretty much just laughs and does a lot of pshawing. That part believes it is a total coincidence that this screaming thing is happening now, 7-10 days after the shot, exactly when “everyone” says that the bad reactions are likely to show themselves. That part of me keeps thinking how it was just the other night that I was telling Owen that Conal appears to be very frustrated by his inability to speak — he knows what he wants to say, but he just doesn’t have the words yet. It fires him up.

And when you get fired up, don’t you scream? You know, top of the lungs screaming? Over and over?

You don’t?

Oh. Huh.

Well, that doesn’t help ol’ Anxious Annie to feel any better. You should try lying to me next time.


Well, I’m keeping an eye on the little jobber. If all of these things are reactions, they are mild right now and my hope is that they stay that way. My stronger hope is that the screaming is just an outlet for Conal’s frustration about not being able to communicate as he’d like to.

I guess we’ll see.