Hey! My parents gave Conal a slide/ball pit for his birthday. He loves it! He mostly likes to climb up the slide, or go down the slide backward. He really hasn’t mastered the whole go-down-the-slide-in-a-sitting-position thing yet. Instead, he goes down backward, on his belly. And lands on his butt and topples over.

It goes like this:

After he climbs up the slide, he debates how to get down for a good minute. Or two.

And then he sets off.

Only, he keeps holding on.

So, the feet go up and down and up and down a few times before he finally lets go and actually slides down.

And, like I said, lands on his butt and topples over.


That’s it. That’s what’s going on around here.

No more pukey people, which I’m sure you’re glad about. I mean, who really wants to read about that? You probably weren’t even sure if you wanted to come back here today, with the possibility of another pukey-pukiness post lurking about. But, lucky you! It’s all slides and ball pits around here today.

And the 12-month check up this afternoon but that is something for another time.