I should have taken a better photo of Sean and Conal. The one I took just really doesn’t cut it.

I should have put Conal in his high chair when we started singing “Happy Birthday” so he could have been at cake level.

I should have taken more people up on their offers to help, rather than saying, “No, no, I’ve got it” most of the time.

I shouldn’t have worried so much about the kids being bored. They were at a birthday party. And there was a sprinkler. And a bouncy bounce (thanks, Stacey and Josh!). The kids had a blast.

I should have had balloons. Where were the balloons? What party doesn’t have balloons?

I should have put pecans in some of the carrot cupcakes. That would have given them a little extra flair. And who doesn’t like flair with their carrot cupcakes? I mean, really?

I should have relaxed a little. But, that wasn’t my role, yesterday. My role wasn’t Ms. Relaxer. It was Ms. Stresser. A role I played very well, thank you. But, next time, I’m going for Ms. Relaxer. I think I could handle that role. I really do. I think I’m up to the challenge.