The birthday cake is done! I started out by baking a regular ol’ sheet cake. Then, I cut it into the shape of a 1:

The fun began when I set out to frost it. I had made buttercream frosting Wednesday night and stored it in the refrigerator so it was firm, rather than goopy and runny, this morning when I needed to use it. OK, good. But, I apparently don’t really know how to frost a cake because the entire time that I was putting WHITE frosting on my CHOCOLATE cake, I was pulling up little flecks of cake, thus marring the whiteness of the frosting. Grr . . .

I tried to pick out the flecks of cake for about 10 minutes and then gave up. I figured if people laugh at my cake, I won’t serve them any. So, there!

After I decided I was OK with the frosting, I started with the fondant. I decided to go with two colors, to keep things simple. I rolled, I cut, I placed. The result? You be the judge: