A year ago, if you had come to me looking for some crazy I wouldn’t have had much to offer. The menu would have included such bland dishes as Late Pregnancy-induced Tears, Paralyzing Fear of Upcoming Birth, Utter Confusion Over Where to Place Glider in Nursery, and Anxiety About Potentially Mislabeling Newborn Socks. And you would have said, “That’s all you’ve got? I’m looking for some serious crazy, lady. Where you keeping that?” At that, I probably would have tried to shrug but would have ended up crying and you would have walked off, hoping to find your crazy someplace else.

Now, though, I’ve some crazy for you, so I hope you’ll stop by. It’s new, exciting, expensive crazy! What more could you possibly be looking for?

As opposed to last year’s crazy, the crazy of 2008 features these delectable ingredients: Toys ‘R Us, Party Warehouse and Joann Etc.

So, what’s on the menu this year? Well, I’ve got some:

  • Panic Attack at Joann Etc. Over the Lack of Appropriate Cake Pan Stock
  • Repeat Trips to the Back Wall at Party Warehouse to Select-Return-Select-Return-Select-Return-Select Party Napkins
  • Fondant Tears
  • Five Laps Around Toys ‘R Us and Not One Step Closer to Purchasing a Birthday Present
  • Special Self-Berating for Not Starting Party Planning Earlier (available both as an appetizer and an entree)
  • What is the Theme? What is the Theme? WHAT IS THE THEME?!?!?!
  • Mountain of Indecision in Front of Party Banners
  • Just Buy it All and Freakout About it at Home

So, what’ll you have? Each dish is satisfyingly crazy, believe me, so you can’t go wrong with any of them. If you don’t see anything you like today, you should stop by later in the week because I’m sure I’ll be adding new dishes everyday! If you ask nicely, I may even offer up a buy-one-get-one-free deal.