Along with 3400 other running gals, I ran the Freihofer’s Run for Women 5K yesterday. It was my first race in about 8 months and it was fun! I finished in 24:16, about a minute faster than I ran my last race.

While I was busy running the race, Conal found some new pals to hang out with:

But, he and Owen were waiting for me after the race and it was great to see them after I crossed the finish line:

We had some errands to run in the afternoon and while out and about we saw Janis, Chet and Ava at Target. Conal loves to see his friend, Ava! Of course, Conal loves to see most kids — as we witnessed when we went out to dinner to top off our day. There was a little girl about Conal’s age sitting at the table next to ours and Conal was quite excited about that. He and the girl waved to each other, said “hi” (repeatedly!) and just generally communicated in that toddler way that only seems to make sense to other toddlers. It was very cute.

So, it was my birthday and starting it with a race and spending it with Owen and Conal was just perfect.

PS: Owen and Conal were “seen” by the Times Union!