An almost one-year-old doesn’t look at your just planted pansies and think, “My beloved mother spent an hour carefully planting these delicate flowers in the ground, therefore, I should not step on them as I awkwardly try to grasp the innermost leaves of the hosta. Moreover, I should not move my foot in a grinding motion, thereby mashing the flowers and tearing the petals from their stems.” No. You might, for some reason, believe that an almost one-year-old — especially an almost one-year-old boy — would think with such logic.

Unfortunately, what I learned today would prove you quite wrong. See, I learned that these almost one-year-olds do not look at the pretty little pansies that happen to be planted right where they need to step and think anything at all. Anything, that is, other than, “Let me get at that hosta. I need to pull the leaves of that hosta!” So, telling them not to step on the pansies doesn’t work. First, they don’t know what pansies are, so you should use a different word. Second, they are determined to get at those hosta leaves and all of your chattering about not stepping on the pansies is just noise. Noise to be tuned out. Don’t bother repeating yourself. It is still just noise.

So, that’s a little something I learned today and in the spirit of motherhood, I’m passing the lesson along.