I’m going to come right out and say that I don’t understand what makes cat food so attractive. It’s brown. And kibble-y. It doesn’t look like any fun food that I know.

And yet, Toddler, you are drawn to it. If the pantry doors are somehow left open, you will sense this and crawl with all your might and speed over to the cat dish and, without a pause, scoop up a handful of cat food and shove it in your mouth. It doesn’t seem to matter that — every time — as soon as I hear or see what you have done I rush over and sweep my finger through your mouth to pull out the offending food. Nor does it matter that I tell you that kitty food is yucky. Blech, blech. Not for kids. No, you don’t care. You want to eat it.

So, we keep the pantry doors closed, most of the time. And now we have a lock so you can’t pry the doors open. Usually, this works.

Today, though. I’m not sure how to guard against this.

Um, it is one thing to eat new cat food. The kind in the dish that the cat just hasn’t gotten around to eating. It is another thing entirely to eat the cat food that has been eaten and puked-up. I know, you’ve seen Chili do it a hundred times. And, I know, I should clean it up right away. Well, here’s the thing. Sometimes the cats puke and I don’t know it. Maybe it happened before anyone woke up in the morning. Or, I was doing something upstairs and didn’t hear it. The fact remains, if I don’t know that they’ve puked, I can’t clean it up right away.

So, today. You found a little pile of (oldish and dry, thankfully) regurgitated cat food. You picked up a piece and put it in your mouth. Then you crawled right over to me and started to chew. Knowing that I hadn’t yet given you breakfast, I had an idea that you were eating something that was probably not good. So, sweep, sweep, and there it was. A kibble. Or a bit. Whatever, it was cat food. And the pantry doors were still locked.

At first, Toddler, I thought you had just found a stray piece. But, no, you led me right to the pile and tried, again, to put some in your mouth.

Yeah. That was gross.

So, here’s what we’ll do. I’m going to go on high-alert and scan all areas for cat mishaps pretty much any time I am anywhere in the house. You’ll have to do your part, too. You are going to stop putting any random thing that you find on the floor — including the cat food, lint, old Cheerios, all of that — in your mouth. I know you can do it, Toddler. I’ll be right here supporting you, Dustbuster in hand.