Not that I want to put a song in anyone’s head. But, this one has been in my head all afternoon, ever since Conal started walking. Just today. For real!

For a week or so he’s been taking single steps. Today, he strung three of them together. He walked — step one, step two, step three — from the wall to me. Then, he did it again. And again. And then he went back to crawling. But! He’s walking. There’s no stopping him now!

No stopping him for three steps, that is. But, soon enough, he’ll take four steps! And then, five! And, forget it after that. He’ll be motoring. And I’ll never get the tune out of my head.

. . .

Later, we were doing what we do around here; namely, laundry. After a brief break — brief! — to change Conal’s diaper (another thing that we do around here — a lot), we went back to the laundry room to find Chili hunkered down among Conal’s duds:

Yes, Conal pestered Chili. Yes, I let him do it. No, Chili did not fight back. Yes, I did take Chili out of the dryer. No, I did not let Conal grab Chili’s tail as I did so. Yes, Conal did laugh and laugh. Yes, I laughed with him. Yes, Conal did fall down because he was laughing so much. No, I did not. But I could have.