OK, I get it. I really need to stop talking about how big Conal is getting. How old, how grown up.

I mean, how boring. What, am I going to walk around for the next 25 years stating the obvious? Oh, he was just a baby yesterday. And today, why, he’s almost walking! Almost! But, not quite. Can you imagine what a big deal I’ll make of it when he actually walks?

And what about when he starts talking, heads off to kindergarten, loses his first tooth, goes to middle school, gets his driver’s license, leaves for college, starts living on his own? I imagine I’ll say something about how he was just a baby a minute/hour/day/week/year ago and now he’s a big boy! Old enough to vote! Can you believe how big he’s gotten?

Yeah, that’ll be my script for the next few decades.

But what about this fitness thing? How have I been doing, you ask. And I will tell you. The first week of Fit Fridays, I did great. I ran or walked every day. Second week, superb! Dranks lots more water than I usually do. Third week? Blown. Completely blown. I was away, yes, but I could have remembered to sign up, at the very least. I didn’t. I forgot. So, now I’m waiting for Friday to come around again so I can get back on track. Just hanging out, waiting. Friday will be here soon. And then I’ll have a goal. No sense working on the goal before Friday. I’ll just wait for Friday. Sit here and wait. And watch Conal get bigger. Can you believe how big he’s gotten?