That is, if by “song” you mean shrieking and wailing. And, by “dance” you mean writhing on the floor while an increasingly annoyed mother — or father — tries to wrestle the toddler into a diaper. And “old?” Three or four months counts, right? Especially when the participant in question has only been around for 10 months? OK, so, yeah, we go through the Same. Old. Song. And. Dance. Every night.

We start out fine. Bath or a wash-up, laughs, cuteness. Then we move into the bedroom. I lay out Conal’s sleep sack, pajamas and clean diaper. He has no problem letting us take off his clothes but the second we put him down on the diaper, its over. Shrieking. Desperate crying. Wriggling, thrashing, extremities flailing. When things are really rolling, there is even some breath-holding.

We’ve tried to change the music, change the steps: Let’s dress him while he’s standing up! Quick, secure the diaper while he’s in mid-crawl! He’s chewing on the changing table shelf . . . let’s slip his feet into his pajama bottoms! None of this works. The new beat is really just a variation on the same theme. It’s really just the same old song and dance. Like when you hear the Pet Shop Boys’ version of that late ’80s hit — you still belt out, “I want to run / I want to hide / I want to tear down the walls / That hold me inside!” even if they did toss a little Frankie Valli into the mix.

So it goes. We struggle with the going to bed routine up until he’s PJ’ed and then it is fine. He’s all smiles after that. He enjoys a bedtime story and then goes to sleep without much of a fuss. I should be grateful for that — and I am, really. I just wish we didn’t have such a struggle every night.

But! Exciting news for me! I won the Fit Friday contest over here. Woo hoo! My resolution for the week was to walk or run (or walk and run) every day for the past week. And I did it. I took Conal for a walk every day and ran three times. So, now I have to think of something healthy to add on for this week.