Breakfast, playtime, nap, snack . . . it’s all fun and games when you’re a kid.

Here’s a peek at a morning in the life of the little jobber:

After eating all the Cheerios he can stuff in his mouth and a good helping of yogurt, the day really takes off with a mad rush to the drawers . . .

Yes! Now there is stuff everywhere! I can finally find what I have been looking for — no, not the ribbon. Or the guide to trees of the northeast. The magic marker! Fun to chew, no?

And sunglasses! Broken, no less! I could chew on these for hours!

All that chewing and drawer-pulling is pretty tiring for a guy. So, by mid-morning, he’s zonked. Note Conal’s trusty companion, Blue Bear.

Post nap: The cycle begins again with a snack.

Well, that’s the morning. Maybe sometime I’ll post about an afternoon! It’s like the a.m. but only in the p.m.! And it usually includes a walk. Or an outing. Whoa! Crazy!