We went to the Children’s Museum of Science and Technology today. Checked out the butterflies, fish, snakes and fossils. Conal’s favorite exhibit? The pelts. He crawled right over to them and, I swear, he was giddy. He touched the otter fur and immediately started making the trill noise he makes when he sees the cats.

So, I went with it. Do you feel that? That’s like kitty fur. Like Mo and Chili. Is that soft like the kitties? Trill, trill, trill.Yes, nice fur. Like kitty. Those are animals, like kitties. Trill, trill, trill. See, Conal, this one is an otter. And this one is a raccoon. Raccoons are soft, like kitties! Trill, trill, trill.

I caught myself before going down the That soft fur is from dead animals! Like kitties! road.