Laying down the law to a 10-month old does not really work. There’s this whole communication thing going on where I talk and Conal just smiles and coyly tilts his head. I ask if he understands that cat food is for cats, not for Conal. He smiles. And tries to eat the cat food anyway. I tell him that potting soil is not for Conal. He smiles. And thrusts his hands into the dirt. I say, Be nice to the kitty! He smiles. And grabs the cat’s ear. Hard.

So, this smiling and doing it anyway thing. That’s where we are. I try to lay down the law and he plays the cute card. I try not to let the cute card win. My tactic now is more to redirect his actions. That seems to be working a little better. But, sometimes I talk and he just smiles.